Conference Brochure

Please be aware that the availability of countries is always in flux. Once Open Registration begins, country availability can change on a daily basis as schools register, take additional assignments, or give back unneeded assignments. Country assignments will be updated as schools complete their registration. The Registrar reserves the right to add countries to select committees should all committees fill up well in advance of the conference. The addition of countries will only be done as a last resort if committees are full and in conjunction with the availability of committee space at the hotel.


School Registration Fee: $90.00

Individual Delegate Fee Due: $90.00

Hotel Accommodations Due: $135.00 (per quad room per night)


All fees must be paid by school check, certified money order, or cash. No personal checks will be accepted. Failure to submit fees on time will result in deregistration, i.e. the loss of all committee assignments and hotel reservations. Exceptions will only be made by prior special arrangement with the Registrar.

No refunds will be given for hotel reservations or delegates that are dropped after this date.

LEIMUN Tax ID#34-1938810

Fees may be paid via cash, school check, postal money order, or PayPal. Personal checks and credit cards will not be accepted.

Please send any requests or other inquiries via e-mail to the Registrar at