Conference Preparation

Conference Materials

Below is a folder that contains the LEIMUN Rules of Procedure: Long Form, Short Form, and Glossary, the LEIMUN Conference Handbook, a Resolution/Recommendation Guide, and other materials helpful in your conference preparation. Copies of the Rules of Procedure will be provided to all conference participants for during the conference. Please make copies of the Conference Handbook and distribute it to your delegates. LEIMUN provides only one copy per school during the conference.


LEIMUN strongly recommends organizing practice simulations. The teams that are the most successful at our conference, i.e. winning both individual and team awards, are those who regularly have these practice simulations. Guidelines for running practice sessions can be found in the LEIMUN Conference Handbook.

This is a very important way for delegates to prepare for the Northcoast Conference. This hands-on experience allows students to use the information they have gathered in a pragmatic way. Delegates have the opportunity to practice the LEIMUN Rules of Procedure, which differ from the rules of other conferences, and to become acquainted with role-playing in general. Practice simulations generate interest and excitement in the students, as well as decrease the fear and anxiety associated with conference participation.

If your team is relatively inexperienced at Model United Nations or you have a small team, we would suggest that you contact other schools with teams in your area and combine your resources for joint practice simulations. If you do not know if there are any other teams in your area, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with a list of teams who are participating at the next conference.

If there are no teams in your immediate vicinity or if your would like assistance from the "experts", please do not hesitate to ask. Our program has been offering training workshops and practice simulations for more than 30 years. We have provided training to teams that have attended the Northcoast Conference and to schools that have attended other conferences. We have also provided training for and assistance to other conferences. We have a dedicated group of staff volunteers who would be willing to travel to your location and provide you with whatever assistance you request. All you need to do is Contact Us.