Lake Erie College Conference

November 7 - 10, 2019

Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, Ohio


Student and Advisers,

Hello and welcome to the Lake Erie Model United Nations Conference. Myself along with the staff are excited to see what is in store over the following days. LEIMUN is an amazing opportunity to not only learn more about the world, but create lifelong friendships as well.

At LEIMUN, our goal is an educational experience that strengthens public speaking, fosters lively debate, and encourages consensus building and resolution. All of this on the backdrop of solving today's issues without compromising an enjoyable experience. The skills developed over the course of this conference can be utilized in a facade of other aspects of your life. From career building and preparation to simple negotiations, the techniques I learned attending these conferences are immeasurable.

There are those that question the current direction of the world. That issues are best solved internally and without global input. We should reject that notion. Never before has it more important for countries to come together to solve issues ranging from food scarcity to climate change, Mass migration to border disputes. These are global issues and deserve a global response. Only by setting aside our differences and working together can we solve these problems.

I hope each and everyone of you take this conference to learn more about yourselves and the world around you for it is beautiful and we are all connected by it.


Aaron J. Howard