Our staff is one of the most experienced of any conference nationwide, with some volunteers having served for more than 30 years. This is the advantage of a conference run by a corporation and not by a college or university - an institutional memory of more than 4 years, organizational stability, proven dedication to fostering consistent growth and development, and a wealth of knowledge. The vast majority of our staff volunteers have also served as either high school or college delegates (or both). Many have volunteered as staff at other Model United Nations conferences. All of this activity allows our staff to continually hone their skills and keep on top of world affairs.

Our staff comes from a wide variety of age groups, educational levels, employment backgrounds, religions, and political affiliations. Our volunteers come from across the United States and Canada. Some have even flown in from other parts of the world to attend a conference. Our staff includes everyone from students pursuing an Associate's degree to a recipients of a PhD. It includes attorneys, business and finance managers, entrepreneurs, administrators, educators, social workers, politicians, health care providers, and more. We have liberals, conservatives, independents, and libertarians.

There is no specific type of person that makes up our staff. Each person is equally important and contributes to the conference in a unique way. What binds everyone together is the desire to provide a valuable educational opportunity. For some, it is a way to give something back to our organization because it has helped them in some way; others serve because they believe in our mission. For still others, it is a way to experience a conference from "the other side of the gavel".


Any staff volunteer who incurs travel expenses to attend the conference may be reimbursed for 50% of those expenses, up to $300 annually.

Staff volunteers will receive free hotel accommodations in quad rooms for three nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) during the Lake Erie Conference. Accommodations may also be provided to any staff volunteer who arrives on Wednesday. Staff volunteers requesting single or double rooms are required to pay 75% or 50% respectively of this cost to LEIMUN prior to the beginning of the conference.


Letters of Recommendation and Certificates of Appreciation may be provided to all staff volunteers. The Secretariat and Board of Trustees will provide personal recommendations or other documentation for anyone who requests it.

Anyone who has served on the staff or as an advisor for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years will receive special recognition at Closing Ceremonies of the Northcoast Conference.

Any staff member who has contributed more than 4,000 hours of service will qualify for President's Volunteer Lifetime Service Awards sponsored by the Points of Light Institute. Service hours are accumulated by serving in the following capacities: Program Director, Program Assistant Director, Trustee, Corporate Officer, Corporate Director, Secretary General, Under Secretary General, Special Assistant to the Secretariat, Webmaster, Registrar, Advisory Council, Senior Staff, and Conference Staff Volunteer. Each position garners a different number of volunteer hours. For a more specific breakdown, please send a request via the Contact Us page.